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Huawei P10
For aesthetes and photography enthusiasts


The newest Huawei flagship, that is P10, has launched recently. This device may not be a revolutionary one, but it is attractive, it works smoothly, fast and without errors, it is comfortable in usage and it has enhanced photography functions.więcej

Lenovo Moto Z
Playing with modules


Recently – and with a pleasure – I have reviewed the modular smartphone from Lenovo, Moto Z Play. It is time to try a modular flagship - Moto Z - and with it the rest of Moto Mods - speakers, battery and a Hasselblad camera.więcej

ZTE Axon 7 mini
It is impressive


A smartphone from a medium shelf, which looks and works perfectly. It will appeal to those who care about a good specification, a solid construction and the quality of sound.więcej

Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe ZS570KL
Flagship in the deluxe version


ZenFone 3 Deluxe is an impressive device with an attractive looks. I admit that it has made a good impression on me from the first time I saw it. This of course does not mean that there is nothing to be fixed in it.więcej

Elephone S7
The name can be deceiving


Thanks to the courtesy of the GearBest store I had the pleasure to acquaint myself with an interesting, though somewhat exotic smartphone. Elephone S7 is a model from the middle-price shelf that can convince us to itself with nice parameters and even better looks.więcej

Archos 50 Saphir
Durable phone with a long lifespan


The smartphone from the French, which not only has an impressive battery that offers great work time, but an interesting looks and a high durability to all unfavourable conditions in which it will work as well.więcej

Asus ZenFone 3 Max ZC520TL
An elegant device with a strong battery


The quality of the construction and a great battery – these are basic advantages of ZenFone 3 Max from Asus. The company’s choice of the CPU and the work of the camera are completely a different matter. This is a great model in many aspects, but it requires few adjustments…więcej

Lenovo Moto Z Play Dual SIM
If it was not for Moto Mods…


Lenovo Moto Z Play is a chameleon smartphone. It can change itself, depending on our needs. The possibility to work with replaceable Moto Mods is the biggest advantage of this phone. But there are others…więcej

Asus ZenFone 3 ZE520KL
Zenny the Third


Up to this moment I have been associating Asus’ smartphones with nice parameters, a good price and a characteristic, although not an astonishing stylization. ZenFone 3 completely changed the way of how I look at Asus’ phones.więcej

Lenovo Moto G4
The fourth version of the Moto G model


Moto G4 is the representative of the fourth generation of Moto G and we can easily ascribe to it the same advantages that made previous models so popular among their users. Will it be a success?więcej